Just so you know…

(This is not really a post since it’s in parenthesis, so my previous post about being the last post on this blog is basicly still true.. Just letting you know that pics from Christmas are now available on my new blog. For address, see previous post, which was this blog’s last post!)



Moving on…

I’d like to announce that I’m moving over to this address:

This is therefore the last post on this blog. WordPress lets me know that my photo upload limit is reached and I would now have to pay for more upload credit. Not willing to do that, so is therefore moving. Hoping you will follow me there! =)

And also, the new blog will be written in both English and Swedish. On this blog I’ve come to realize that I sometimes would prefer to write in Swedish, and so therefore I will. =)

My 2011


  • Started the year off by going skiing to Ruka with a group of friends:

  • Moved to Vaasa at the end of 2010 but started living there in January

  • In January M and I also started our long distance relationship, which ment many hours on the train, going down to Turku to see him. There were also parties to go to, people and places to celebrate, like this party – “Back to the 90’s” =)


  • Granny turned 90 and was celebrated at Kantarellis by her son and daughter and their families.

  • I was studying and teaching away at Peffan, actually quite enjoying myself
  • My best friend’s baby girl was born, took us all by surprise by arriving about a month a head of the due date.


  • Got to spend 1½ weeks in Turku with M during the winter holiday and when I arrived home mum surprised me by having painted my table and chairs as well as having placed a bouquet of tulips on my coffee table… ❤ Otherwise, the month was pretty much all about Peffan, as was most of the spring time…


  • During Easter M and I went to E’s baptism and A’s blessing ceremony.

  • The end of the month was spent in Turku, celebrating Vappen:


  • May of course started out with the traditional “1st of May-picknick” at Vårdberget:

  • Mother’s Day was celebrated at home in Storviken one sunny and warm Sunday afternoon

  • And I finally finished my teaching training and went out to celebrate with my classmates Johanna, Sofie and Markus – here we are practising our teacher faces:


  • The weekends of June were mostly spent with M, who was working in Ekenäs/Hangö. Went there during the first weekend of June. We celebrated 6 months together:

  • During the second weekend we celebrated M’s birthday with a BBQ at his family’s summer cottage:

  • The third weekend was spent in Turku, where Jennie graduated from Novia and the whole family was gathered.

  • The last two weeks of June were almost all about packing my stuff up in boxes again, getting ready to leave Vasa in the beginning of July:


  • On one of the hottest weeks of the summer I had my wonderful parents help me move back to Turku. Into a new, fabulous appartment which I fell in love with straight away:

  • July was also about camps and working, but also about holidays and taking it easy:


  • Since M was off in Stockholm working from the end of June until the beginning of September, our holiday to England in the beginning of August was one of the highlights of the summer:

  • I started working at the primary school in Turku in the middle of August and was occupied by putting everything at place in my flat.


  • From the end of August until sometime in November I got to enjoy the bloom on my white orchid:

  • My beloved sister moved to Northern Ireland in the beginning of September and the family was gathered at my place before she left

  • We had a cray fish party with some friends:


  • For M’s birthday I gave him an adventure at Flow park in Turku, which we went on the 1st of October (video linked above):

  • We were all invited to my cousin’s engagement party in the beginning of October. It was a lovely autumn day out in the archapalago outside of Vasa and the party turned into the biggest surprise of the year

  • On another beautiful autumn afternoon, M and I drove down to Hankoo, where my surfer dude hit the waves and I hit the nature…

  • Beloved sister and ex-roommate came back from a month in Israel and were surprised with a beach party:


  • During the whole autumn there have been a lot of LCHF food making, i.e. LCHF pizza, LCHF taco pie, LCHF blueberry cheesecake, LCHF zuccini lasagne and so on…

  • The balcony turned on the Christmas mode already in November and the lights were shining in the darkness and made me oh so happy:

  • In the end of the month I also decorated inside, in the hopes of getting some Christmas feeling eventhough there were no snow.

  • The last weekend of November was ginger bread time:

  • On the last day of November M and I celebrated our first anniversary by going out to dinner. M gave me these beautiful flowers:


  • My advent candles have lit up my flat this December

  • Christmas preparations were made at quite an early stage this year

  • I’ve been happy about a lot this year, but the two main things lately was my ginger bread hunk and my new camera!

To sum up, 2011 have been a fabulous year, filled with challenges, laughs, studies, work, love, family and friends. The year ended with a great Christmas time (which you can see pictures from shortly) and unfortunatly a few not so nice days with the stomach flu. Hopefully the new year will start in a fabolus way though! Happy New Year!

Christmas surprise

I work with a 10 year old who’s really good at surprising me, almost on a daily basis. But now he’s really outdone himself. For my Christmas present he has made me a cushion. Actually made it himself. And the boy has trouble sitting still in class… He crocheted these flowers and sew them on to the white cushion. I think it’s really cute! =)

Mr Gingerbread hunk


When Frank ran out of ginger bread dough the other week he got some from me and in return he promised to make me a special ginger bread. Apparently there was a poster of the competition “Scandinavian hunk’s” somewhere in his home and he was inspired… =) Together with a latte I got to enjoy its yumminess this afternoon!

Merry Christmas, me! =)

It’s been a desire of mine for years. I’ve been thinking back and forth, but have always ended up without one. My dear M and I have been talking about dreams and I’ve come to realize that this is a dream of mine.

Now it has come true…

I have my very own system camera!

The deal included the camera, a bag and an 8GB memory card. The salesperson also threw in a book about taking great pictures.

My dream has come true